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Δευτέρα, 19 Ιουνίου 2017

what is all about?

My idea is a little "brick" or "box" that can be easily made from solid stainless steel and mount on almost every building waiting to save some people from a fire.
There are many inventions of evacuating a building from fire or whatever but all of them uses big constructions or cranes or needs to reschedule a part of the building and they demand a lot of space. The safety rail needs only a place outside the wall. The rail is a repeating pattern. You just put one after the other and you built a "gravity powered railway" A reel just follows the "route". Reel is having a cord that ends to a belt or vest or even to a simple handle and can be easily attached in the special entrances of the "box". Then the person wears the vest and let himself sliding down controlled. The "railway" stops about 2 meters above the ground. You just do not put another "brick" to continue so the reel gets off and person is free to go away from the burning building. I am sure it can be used outside balconies, windows or even in skyscrapers.
I was trying all this years to find something easily attached in every building after the tragic event that happened in NY twin towers. I just didn't want to see again people falling desperate. The last fire in London made me try again to fund my idea. For these people this little box would be for them a chance....
Also please consider that it is extremely easy to manufacture it industrial. It is the same "brick" again and again. A special consideration maybe that some bunglers may use it to climb up. No there is no way to do so.    The "brick" is covered, only the openings for the reel are outside "box" and the whole thing is only going down....
    One good thing about this “brick” is that has NO mechanical parts at all. So no maintenance
The problem remains the money as you need some to build up some prototypes and make them work…I want to use the money to pay some experts to build me up  the prototype as constructing needs "heavy" metal work and a matrix plus solve problems that I am not able to see. 
Every action of the project will be recorded in a blog so everybody will know...

the "brick"

the outside of the "brick". Amateur design.
Finally I decided to go "crowdfunding".
All these years I see again and again people dying from fires in buildings and I know some of them would not. Even one!
I raised up a campaing in
I do not if I will gather the money to pay for all the needs of this project.
But I just can not wait anymore from rich people to hear me.
I want a chance if there is even one soul that can be saved.
I will use the money to pay for expenses to promote the "brick" until it comes to a massive production... There is a lot to be done.... I need time and money...
But most of all I need trust...

what is all about?

My idea is a little "brick" or "box" that can be easily made from solid stainless steel and mount on almost every...